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Medical Care / First Aid

Entertainment / Tourism

Next-generation Telework / Urban Space Security

Application toward Construction Machines and Snowplows

Application toward Smart Factories and School Education

Interpretation and Security in Station Yards

Use for Aerial Photography by Drones and TV Broadcast

Use of Traceability in the Sake Brewing Industry

Application in Truck Platooning

Smart Office

Utilization in Railways

5G Field Trials(2017)

5G office environment advancement

Emergency storage/Relief shelter solution with 5G

For remote platooning truck monitoring via 5G

5G application of construction machinery remote control

5G ultra high-speed transmission toward moving trains and buses

5G wavelength test for station security solutions

5G mass video content stadium distribution

Remote medical examinations via 5G

5G Smart City realizing safety & security

High-def/high-presence audio & visual content via 5G

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