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5G utilization idea contest

The contest (secondary selection) was conducted on January 11th, 2019 with 11 proposals that passed the primary selection in December by Regional Bureaus of Telecommunications (11 bureaus nationwide) and others out of the 785 proposals submitted during the application period between October and November 2018 by companies, local government and individuals.


5G utilization idea contest


Awards Proposer Proposed Idea
MIC Minister Award Distributed Processing Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, Ehime University The realization of improvement of working environment, ensuring labor safety, and technology tradition with 5G
Regional Problem Solving Award General Policy Division, Eiheiji Town Office Near-futuristic measures against snowfall through multiple simultaneous connectivity and low latency
5G Characteristics Utilization Award Yasushi Fuwa (Individual) The realization of finding mountain climbers and sharing space by watching-over system
Jury’s Special Awards Tatsuki Kubo (Individual) Sports watching with 5G bringing a new sense of unity
Jury’s Special Awards Okinawa Enetech Co., Inc. Measures against damage by birds and beasts through simultaneous video sensing in broad area and large data transmission with 5G
Excellence Awards D Cast Inc. “Ultimate powder snow” UX improvement in Kutchan and Niseko Area
Excellence Awards Team CV Advanced Course, Department of Software Information Science, Iwate Prefectural University The harmful animals extermination system using image recognition and drones
Excellence Awards 3650 / TIS Inc. Guard Drone ~ Spotting light and security service with 5G and drones
Excellence Awards CCJ Co., Ltd. and CTY., Ltd. The utilization of 5G cleaning robots as communication tools
Excellence Awards Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.
Sompo Holdings, Inc
The watching-over through high accuracy face recognition and sensor using 5G
Excellence Awards Oita Prefecture The establishment of driving assistance system for safe driving on the highway in a dense fog

Outline of the contest

A next generation mobile communication system, “5th generation mobile communication system (5G)” is expected to be introduced in 2020.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been working on promoting R&D and comprehensive verification tests so far for its realization and implementation in society.

Japan has various problems including population declines and aging. Especially in rural areas where many issues are becoming apparent, it is expected that such next-generation ICT will be utilized in various industries and fields. However, in the current situation, methods for matching between people with issues and those who can provide solutions do not seem to be sufficient.

By effectively utilizing the characteristics of 5G, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications organized a contest to collect ideas from local communities that contribute to solutions of various social issues and to regional revitalization.


Details of application

* Ideas that are useful for solving regional problems and industrial promotion by utilizing 5G will be collected.

* This contest collects ideas and is not a contest of business plans or demonstration projects. Therefore, proposals for developing implementation systems or for implementing projects are not subject to evaluation.

* There is no limitation in the field and scale of targeted regional issues.

* Proposals that fully utilize the characteristics of 5G in problem solving and regional revitalization will be highly evaluated.


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